Make Your College Green…. Win $10,000

I think that sounds fair.

Brita has invited college students to come up with a proposal to make their campus more Green and change the world…. or at least your campus for the greater good of humanity and future….. I’m sorry I lost my train of thought. Five people will be awarded a grand prize of $10,000.

The deadline is November 14, so you had better start planning. Here is an excerpt from their well-crafted release:

Any undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing at an accredited college or university in the United States may submit a proposal. Proposed programs should be action-based or should aim to create tangible results towards producing a more sustainable environment. Submissions for the College FilterForGood Eco-Challenge will be accepted until Nov.14, 2008, and the recipients will be announced in January 2009. For more information on other ways to make a difference or to submit a proposal, visit


I suggest getting in touch with your campus’s Greening clubs to see if there are already efforts underway.


    • jackieday
    • October 11th, 2008

    My university is “going green”. They’re building this organic dorm, they even used horses to pull the felled logs. However, it bothers me because it doesn’t feel genuine. It feels like they are just using it for a photo op because after the horses moved the logs about 15 feet, a huge tractor trailer came to move the logs to an eco-friendly mill. Doesn’t add up. But go Brita for making the world a little better. I’m just saying I don’t think Rider will win any time soon.

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