Apple’s iPhone 3G USB Adapter Recall Problem…..

… not a PR problem.

Today I recieved a text message about a faulty USB adapter problem with the new iPhone 3G. Why is this superb PR? Because it is an efficient and effective way to communicate with the relevant public.

The text had a link you could follow to find out more information. And at the speed of 3G I had all the information about a problem I haven’t had.

Which is another plus for Apple. They remedied a problem before too many people had to encounter it.

However, when I went to replace my adapter the store was out. Hopefully I won’t have a problem and can replace it before the prongs come out.

UPDATE: I got my new power adapter.


    • Rob
    • October 14th, 2008

    yea with all the problems of the first iPhone and this one experiencing some issues Apple does a good job with the PR machine i must say cause people still are dying to get one.

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