How much $$$ will I make…?

I was doing some digging on salaries for communications professionals and this is what I found (the source is the Occupational Outlook Handbook 08-09):

For PRofessionals:


  • the lowest 10% will earn less than $28,080 (I would take that happily)
  • the middle 50% will earn between $35,600 and $65,310
  • the median annual earning for PRos is $47,350
  • and the top 10% earned over $89,220
Non-profits, universities, and professional schools paid the least.  And the managers of companies paid the most (duh!).
Advertising Sales professionals were a little better and a little worse depending on what part of the spectrum they were in:
  • the lowest earned $21,460
  • the middle earned between $29,450 – $63,120
  • the median annual earning is $42,750
  • the top 10% earned more than $91,280
Remember: this includes commission, which is the bread of the bread and butter of this job.  Not the other way around.
For PRofessional managers including public relations, marketing, advertising and promotions you can expect to make between $93,450 and $119,540.  This is where you want to be, especially if you’re voting for McCain/ Palin in November.
Luckily for all of us budding PRofessionals, we can expect to see an 18% rise in employment.  Which I think is a good thing.  You?
    • Zackery
    • October 15th, 2008

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  1. Hey ZM,

    I thought your readers might be interested in this review of 13 free press release distribution websites in “The Cheapskate’s Guide to PR” at

    Good luck with all your endeavors!


    Daniel Durazo

  1. April 11th, 2009

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