Determine Your Variables, the Intership Experiment

 Internships are experiments in developing a career.  They can’t be completely controlled.  There are independent and dependent variables, and success or failure hinges on defining the variables before you begin (kind of  like all experiments).  

What’s my boss going to be like?  Am I going to be a glorified secretary?  How much am I going to learn?  Is it paid?  All of these are variables most likely out of your control.  Don’t fret!  There are two websites that can help take some of the stress away when searching for the variables.

Number 1 is QuarterLife.  This website is…. a lot of things rolled into one.  Almost to the point of being overwhelming.  Is it a site for an online webisode?  A social networking site for young creatives?  Or a place to find internships?  I think it’s a little bit of all of these.

However, upon digging into the website, I was actually a little underwhelmed with the content.  I got the feeling that the blog was created just so someone could say, “I have a blog that goes with my website.”  From what I could see the the posts read more like a “FAQ” page.  Before I visited the site, I was hoping for personal stories from the trenches, tips on intern interviews, resume advice or anything besides what I found.  The “Intern Queen” definitely didn’t deliver.  One thing I notice (and you can see it in the photo above) is that the Intern Queen Court is made up of all insanely good looking people.   I mean look at them!!

Overall, the internship directory is a great resource.  Especially if you’re looking for a creative internship in CA, FL, PA and NY.

Number 2 is  LOVE IT!!!  I’ll start off with the one thing I’m not crazy about: the colors.  It’s almost a little too girly, but since the vivacious duo behind are girls I’ll let it slide a little.  Now the PROS: as soon as you enter the site you see a big, interactive map of the US.  From there you can select the state to find internships that have been rated by peers who have been-there-done=that.  At the bottom of the BIG OL’ MAP OF THE US, there are the most recent reviews, the best and worst of the rated internships.  You can also search by location, industry and company name.  

This is very much a great resource in all ways.  It’s new, so it’s up to you to share your experience and help create the content on this site.

Both of these websites are worth bookmarking as you experiment with your career.

Have you had an experience with either of these websites?  What do you think?  Feel free to leave comments or even your own story about an internship experience.





    • umiamied
    • December 16th, 2008

    I looked at both websites, and is definitely the best of the two…the colors are great (im a girl), its user friendly, and comprehensive (including all different types of internships in all different industries)

    I agree that the intern queens website is a little bit overwhelming and hard to follow…

    all in all, is the clear winner!!! dont forget to check it out

  1. Hey ZM ! Thanks so much for reviewing my site ! I appreciate it ! Criticism is always good. I will definitly add more stories about my personal experiences as an intern to my blog page – I always love to hear what readers have to say. I started posting the Q & A because I get sooo many and I thought it might help students who have similar questions. Perhaps I can divide up the blog and make it easier to follow. LOL, I do appreciate your “good looking people” comment. That picture was from a photo shoot I did for the T-shirt line, Internal EthiKs. The T’s are featured in the picture but are not yet sold on the quarterlife site. I’m glad you like the internship directory – that is the main goal of my page – to HELP students find internships. I know how daunting that task can be. Thank you sooo much for your review and I’ll have you evaluate the blog when it’s all fixed up 🙂 Best, Lauren Berger “The Intern Queen”

    • Zackery
    • December 16th, 2008

    Thank you for commenting, umiamied and Intern Queen. I really do like both the Intern Queen’s blog and the Both have great features and win in different ways.

    I can’t wait to see what changes you’re going to make on your blog!!! Keep on, keeping on.


  2. Hey! Thanks for the great review and for sharing your thoughts on! -Lauren,

  1. December 16th, 2008

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