Sticking with the Same message could be ‘marketing suicide’

According to blogger Marc Brownstein it’s ‘marketing suicide’ to not adapt your brand’s message to reflect America’s economic crisis.  Marc mentions two brands in his post: Hyundai and Wendy’s.

Hyundai is capitalizing on capitalism’s shortcomings by offering the-recently-unemployed money back for returning their car.  It’s called the Hyundai Assurance Plan.  Marc says, “It struck me as daring, but also very smart…”

Then we have Wendy’s 3Conomics.  Personally, I sold my fast-food-craving-soul to Wendy’s when they came out with side salads instead of french fries (mmmm, watered down side salads, a guilty pleasure).

Now Wendy’s is offering “3 waaay better sandwiches” to cash in on cash strapped consumers.  The commercials for 3Conomics are still very Wendy’s in humor and delivery says Marc, which is probably welcomed in humorless times.

What do you think?  There are other examples of brands changing their message, so which one’s are your favorites?

I couldn’t find a video of the actual Wendy’s commercial or a bio Marc so I hope you enjoy the above clip from the now canceled Mad TV.


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