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The Future is… NOOOOW

Cockpit Poser by PresleyJesus.Recently there’s been a rise of chattering about new roles within PR, advertising, branding and social-media agencies.  If you haven’t been overwhelmed with talk of how the pope’s tweets cure cancer, then maybe you’ve heard some of these new job titles.  Here are my favorite future PR roles that you can get now (and links to where I got them).

  1. Social media intern (this is what I’m doing now for school credit, I create Facebook & Twitter profiles, monitor online conversations, research, write and get coffee)
  2. Content strategist
  3. Social architect, semantic coders, mobile marketers & personal branding consultants
  4. Director of Community
  5. Social media strategist, manager, consultant, specialist & other.

My favorite title is social media strategist.  What’s yours?  Did I leave one out?

If you’re looking for social media job leads, check this out.  Earlier I wrote about salaries for communications pros pre-recession and I’m wondering what the pay is for these jobs.


P.S. I’ve seen stats about social media jobs growing in a recession, I’d love a few links.

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A List of 4 Links from my Mentor at GottaMentor

  1. Top 5 Recruiting Mistakes Smart People Make
  2. Using Social Media To Create Job Leads
  3. Don’t Let Your Online Profile Sabotage Your Job Prospects
  4. Why Your Elevator Pitch is So Important and How to NAIL IT!!