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A List of 4 Links from my Mentor at GottaMentor

  1. Top 5 Recruiting Mistakes Smart People Make
  2. Using Social Media To Create Job Leads
  3. Don’t Let Your Online Profile Sabotage Your Job Prospects
  4. Why Your Elevator Pitch is So Important and How to NAIL IT!!

All Hail the Intern Queen!!

Faster than I could make a decision about a new WordPress theme, the Intern Queen had read my post about her blog, made a comment, sent some private tweets and put in motion changes to I AM INTERN.  Not only is she the royal purveyor of all things “intern,” she’s also awesome at this thing called “social media.”

Check out my post on intern review websites and then check out her fantastic blog, and recent post on intern interview tips.

Podcasts Every Budding PRo Should Listen To

Podcasts are awesome.  Why?  Free.  Entertaining.  Educational.  Informative.

The best and worst aspect of podcasts is that ANYONE with a mic and 5 minutes to spare can make one.  I’ve wasted so much time when I go on a podcast-exploration binge subscribing, listening, deleting and unsubscribing from useless podcasts I’ve downloaded in my zeal to discover audial (sometimes visual) stimulation.   But my heart races and a smile crawls across my face when I find a podcast that blends just the right amount of music, sound effects, industry jargon and infotainment that makes for a fantastic listening (sometimes viewing) experience.

It’s taken me all of an excruciating semester to compile a “perfect” list.  It’s still growing, but I have enough to give a list of “Must Listen To Podcasts for the Budding PRofessional.”

Here it goes:

  1.  Quick & Dirty Tips– Like a $2 hooker my favorite podcasts are quick & dirty.  And much like a $2 hooker, each podcast lasts for two to five minutes and a listener walks away with a surprise.  But instead of a burning sensation, listeners of QDT hopefully learn something.  My favorites: Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, Modern Manners Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a More Polite Life, Get-It-Done Guy’s Tips for Getting Things Done, Legal Lad’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a More Lawful Life, The Digital Marketer’s Tips for Building Your Business, Sales Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Getting the Deal Done, Make-It-Green Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for an Earth Friendly Life and The Public Speaker’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills. You can find a full list of all the Quick and Dirty podcasts (which include a podcast for mothers and healthy living) at their website.
  2. National Public Radio– So what if you can’t listen to your favorite 5 pm show because of happy hour… I mean studying. Staying current is as easy as hitting the “subscribe button” in the iTunes store.  You can listen to Terry Gross in all her glory, hear fresh news on business and enjoy INSANELY interesting, but bizarre developments in science (did you know there is a fungus that creates pure diesel?).
  3. Freelancer’s Unite!!!– From the creators and contributors of FreelanceSwitch, this podcast deals with everything freelance.  I feel like I have an intimiate relationship built with the hosts of Freelance Radio because they are so down to earth, real and practical.  If you’re not convinced freelancing means anything to you as a college student, stay tuned for my post on freelancing being the new internship… especially in a down economy.
  4. PR (Boot) Camp– PR Camp is a video podcast where host Kathe Stanton discusses issues related to PR (mostly media related): leveraging media coverage, what exactly a media alert is, tips on writing features and creating media room info.  The shows average two to three minutes so PR Camp is especially great while you’re waiting for a cronically late professor.

What are your favorite podcasts?  Do you listen to any of these podcasts and if you do what do you think of them?  I would swear by most of these and encourage you to check them out. 


Twitter Tips and Tricks for Successful Networking

…are you being left behind on Twitter?  I would say that Twitter is the new black.  It seems that EVERYONE is on Twitter (even God).  You can use these basic tips for catching up if you’re just getting on board.  But first here is a description for what Twitter is: the premise for this social networking site is to answer, “What are you doing?”  At any moment.  At anytime.  With any idea that pops into your head.  The fun part about answering the question is that you only have 140 characters to do it.  Think Facebook status updates, but on the go and a little more fun.  Twitter can be used for fun with friends, you can network with other like minded PRofessionals, take on an alter-ego or just bitch because people hear.  

The magical part of Twitter is the Tweet-ups (flashmob like events where tweeple [people + twitter] decide to meet up so they can finally see what @sexystud4u really is like in person).  Tweet-ups are great, free opportunities for networking with your peers and seniors.  I like to think that I’ve made great connections and friends at the Tweet-ups I’ve attended.  

You can use Twitter on the web, AIM, GTalk, Jabber, by phone (the number is 40404) or downloadable applications.  I love to use Twitteriffic for my iPhone and it lets me stay up to date on the Tweeple whose updates aren’t pushed to my phone by SMS (don’t ask me what that stands for… maybe in another post).

So if you’re not using the web, here are some commands you can use from your phone or instant messanger:

  1. get– this command gets all your friends’ recent updates.
  2. on or off– it turns on or off (get it) updates so you don’t have to wake up when all your social media friends start fighting over what Twitter’s new business model should be at 1 am.  Trust me… It will happen.
  3. leave– when you’ve had enough of what @billy_bob is saying about President-elect Obama, you can completely unfriend him by sending leave + username (for example leave billy_bob)

The real meat of conversatin’ on Twitter comes with these commands:

  1. @username– you “@” someone to get their attention.  it’s like saying, “hey!”  Everyone who follows you will see this message so it’s not for private messages.
  2. D Username– if you want to tell someone how much you love them or if you want to talk about the prick who won’t shut up about all his wonderful new media ideas and how his new blog post just popped up on the front page of Digg then you can send a direct message by putting the letter “D” in front of someone’s username (example: d username can you believe this guy? what a nerd, bet he still lives with his mommy).

Now go out and tweet (the verb form of twitter or a noun describing the message one sends) your heart out.

@zh3n has a great blog on the differenct applications, etc for Twitter.  Check her out here
And you know.  And knowing is half the battle.




P.S. Leave you tips and tricks for Twitter in the comments.

Do you UStream?

I’ve never been much of a fan of video.  I’m more of a print and blog kind of guy.  But for those of you who love to vlog, I was recently introduced to UStream.  It’s a video blogging site that allows you to stream live from where ever you have a cam.  

One of the only reasons I would ever do a video of myself would be for one of those fancy video resumes, but for now I think the regular old MS doc will suffice.  Here are some other uses that I may never use, but you or your friends might find useful:

  • Class projects (how many times have you been to class and the room wasn’t set up for video?)
  • Internships (think video resume again)
  • Video blogging (I hate the term “vlogging,” it’s not easy for this speech therapy graduate to say)
  • Clients
  • Vodcasting (like podcasting, but with video)
  • To be super creepy (I know some of you out there are gross, insane pervies.  It’s statistics)

You could then post whatever video you created on Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, or PROpenmic (i think).  Maybe even in the comments or at the very least a link to your UStream.  If you’re interested in video, check it out.


Job Market in Birmingham Scarce……

So what do I do, keep looking everyday.  

I’m three weeks into my last year of college and the prospect of having a job (or of course adding so many new projects/clients I want to scream) when I graduate in May is all I’ve been thinking about.  I don’t want to be one of those people who have a degree, but do nothing with it…..  It seems to be the trend for the people who graduate from the PR program here at UAB.  Saddening, but true.
This is my happiness equation: ($$$+job+fun+Google RSS feed & Gmail/time = =-])
Factor in the not-so-mysterious tarot card reading I had in New Orleans which advised me to have a ‘real job’ along with my freelance gigs and I am obnoxiously motivated to land a job before I get my degree in the mail.  
I digress: here are my tips for looking for a job in the Birmingham market
craigslist: if you’re looking for a marketing/pr/advertising job then you should click on that tab and start perusing.  However, most of the jobs are more shady than the m4m personal listings and I’ve wanted to click the ‘flag’ link on  many occasions.  If you’re lucky, you will at least get a lead on a cool job or find out about an interesting new agency in town. here you can search jobs locally, statewide or nationally.  Unfortunately for me there are few job postings in this area and fewer that describe my perfect situation (two years experience, degree in progress, contract basis…..  good looking).
Media of Birmingham: the MOB has a job board that links to a variety of media organizations and job boards in the state.  I check here just to see what’s going on in the Birmingham job market sometimes.  MOB also lists some freelance gigs.
Myspace: it’s Myspace…..  The job board here gathers information from all over the internets.  Nothing too fancy.
Wish me luck and happy hunting.

Facebook the Movie?

Rumor has it that there is going to be a facebook movie.  I first heard (read) the rumor on [adult swim] and Google returned this article from the L.A. Times.

Whatever really happens, I’m sure there will be lots of monster wars, ninjas and Chuck Norris PoF.