Skittles New Approach?

Let the fans create the homepage. That’s what it looks like to me.  Skittles, my favorite candy, has ditched the traditional website and gone with what looks like a rip-off of Modernista!’s approach to their website.  Check out Modernista! before you check out Skittles.  What do you think? I like the idea: it puts Skittles’ fans in charge of the content to a certain degree… But it’s definitely a risk.  In Modernista!’s case, a headline about the agency’s recent round of lay offs appeared in their “n3wz” section courtesy of Google News.

Its definitely innovative, risky and it embraces the thought of fans creating content.



Watch the Super Bowl Ads as they happen

You can watch the Super Bowl ads on Hulu as they happen.  Check out this widget, too.  And if you’re on twitter, use #superads09 when you’re tweeting about the big day.


Learn to study and take tests more gooder

By watching video.  I downloaded HowCast for my iPhone and never really used it.  Yeah, I looked-up a video on how to have sex in a car, but what else was it good for?  Well it’s good for improving your study habits, taking tests and all around professionalism.  Here’s a video on speed reading so you can read all my posts in just moments.

Some of their tips included studying with a sprig of rosemary (like the philosophers of old), chewing mint gum, choose B or C when taking multiple choice tests and studying in sunlight.  Who knew?


I wonder if the ad men behind this ad….

…..had as much trouble as the ad guy IN the ad coming up with this “brilliant” idea.   I’m not sharing this because I think it’s great, entertaining or cause I have a sick love for talentless little blonde girls and their hack fathers.  Supposedly the “PC” in this commercial is actually a Mac.  What do you think?  Let do a poll in the comments.

So what is it…?  A PC or a Mac?


Sticking with the Same message could be ‘marketing suicide’

According to blogger Marc Brownstein it’s ‘marketing suicide’ to not adapt your brand’s message to reflect America’s economic crisis.  Marc mentions two brands in his post: Hyundai and Wendy’s.

Hyundai is capitalizing on capitalism’s shortcomings by offering the-recently-unemployed money back for returning their car.  It’s called the Hyundai Assurance Plan.  Marc says, “It struck me as daring, but also very smart…”

Then we have Wendy’s 3Conomics.  Personally, I sold my fast-food-craving-soul to Wendy’s when they came out with side salads instead of french fries (mmmm, watered down side salads, a guilty pleasure).

Now Wendy’s is offering “3 waaay better sandwiches” to cash in on cash strapped consumers.  The commercials for 3Conomics are still very Wendy’s in humor and delivery says Marc, which is probably welcomed in humorless times.

What do you think?  There are other examples of brands changing their message, so which one’s are your favorites?

I couldn’t find a video of the actual Wendy’s commercial or a bio Marc so I hope you enjoy the above clip from the now canceled Mad TV.


Are you a student with the spirit of an entrepreneur?

Then maybe Samford University is for you.  According to the Birmingham Business Journal, Samford is offering a program called entrepreneur-in-residence.

The story says Samford U’s new program will “…engage entrepreneurs with students consideing new ventures…”

I would actually love to have my business plan and the UAB Career Services office doesn’t offer advice or resources for young entrepreneurs.


Job Hunting Advice from My Mentor @ GottaMentor

The economy sucks.  Not news.  But are you prepared to be a job hunter in 2009?  According to, having an established network in 2009 is the best way to job hunt.  Here are the highlights from the blog my Mentor sent me, but you should check it out for the full article.  Let me know in the comments if you agree, disagree or have similar experiences with network success.

1. Develop a short list of people who can potentially help.

2. Make smart requests that are easy for them to respond with “yes.”

3. Make it easy for them to help you.

There’s a lot of information in this post, for both new professionals and seasoned pros.  If you’re not already on GottaMentor, nows a good time to start networking as a mentor or mentee.