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Claus – This isn’t yo’ momma’s Santa

I’m really loving the Palm Centro Claus commericals.  They crack me up on so many levels.  It’s like Santa said, “Screw these kids that don’t believe,” developed a cocaine addiction (you know to lose the weight) and then bought a new cell phone.  Here is one of the ads that’s airing on TV:

Then you have this video of Claus selling Dauner, the reindeer:

I’m really loving these ads and video.  Good job Palm Centro.




Who Does it Better Best Buy Canada or Best Buy US

Courtesy Amy Corr of Section Three: Out To Launch, a blog from, I learned that Best Buy is running two seperate series of holiday commercials.  

Here’s one from Canada that’s going for funny over sentimental: 

Here’s one from the US going for sentimental over funny:


Which do you like more?



Scary-Ass Skittles Commercial

This commercial is kind of old, but my friends and I were talking about it.  I said I want to blog about (got some eyerolls, cause I’m that guy).

To my shock and horror, there is a part of the skittles commercial I’ve never seen before……. Turns out Tim, the man with the Skittles Midas Touch, has committed manslaughter….  I wonder if Tim met Dionysus like Midas did OR if he is the outcome of some Skittles experiment gone awry OR maybe this is what happens when you touch the rainbow.



You’ve got to see this…..(giving some Steve Hall love)


Steve Hall wrote about this commercial over on AdRants and on another one of his blogs.  I wish American advertising was this bold.  I wasn’t even sure what was being advertised.  

After checking out I think it’s a British video site.  Those damn accents got on my nerves too much for me to do too much research.



The Routan Boom is the next big crisis in our country…….

And Brooke Shields is here to tell you all about it.

In a series of ads wrapped in PSA’s skin from VW, Brooke takes the role of informer as she intervenes in the lives of these misguided souls. Souls that have been corrupted by German engineering, triple-stitched leather seating, a 30-gig entertainment system and flat-screen tvs. For shame.


P.S. Put your favorite or most despised Routan Boom, VW or car commercial in the comments.

This would be the perfect start to my day……

….minus the tiara. 

Here is a spot that AdFreak said ran in Argentina…. I think it’s awesome.  A killer squirrel with lipstick, a fawn with a taste for @$$ and +i++es porn…. it’s funny edging on the side of sexist, but that’s Axe.