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Job Market in Birmingham Scarce……

So what do I do, keep looking everyday.  

I’m three weeks into my last year of college and the prospect of having a job (or of course adding so many new projects/clients I want to scream) when I graduate in May is all I’ve been thinking about.  I don’t want to be one of those people who have a degree, but do nothing with it…..  It seems to be the trend for the people who graduate from the PR program here at UAB.  Saddening, but true.
This is my happiness equation: ($$$+job+fun+Google RSS feed & Gmail/time = =-])
Factor in the not-so-mysterious tarot card reading I had in New Orleans which advised me to have a ‘real job’ along with my freelance gigs and I am obnoxiously motivated to land a job before I get my degree in the mail.  
I digress: here are my tips for looking for a job in the Birmingham market
craigslist: if you’re looking for a marketing/pr/advertising job then you should click on that tab and start perusing.  However, most of the jobs are more shady than the m4m personal listings and I’ve wanted to click the ‘flag’ link on  many occasions.  If you’re lucky, you will at least get a lead on a cool job or find out about an interesting new agency in town. here you can search jobs locally, statewide or nationally.  Unfortunately for me there are few job postings in this area and fewer that describe my perfect situation (two years experience, degree in progress, contract basis…..  good looking).
Media of Birmingham: the MOB has a job board that links to a variety of media organizations and job boards in the state.  I check here just to see what’s going on in the Birmingham job market sometimes.  MOB also lists some freelance gigs.
Myspace: it’s Myspace…..  The job board here gathers information from all over the internets.  Nothing too fancy.
Wish me luck and happy hunting.