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Student Sleep Problems?

Last night I was tossing and turning and kicking my puppies who like to sleep around my feet.  Why?  Because I was having nightmares about a proposal that was due at 12 today.  In my dream I overslept until 1……  And my group members hated me.

Then, like Hermes bringing a divine message from Olympus, I recieved an email; an email about college students and their sleep problems.  

There were some cool facts in the email. did you know 73% of college students don’t get the right amount of sleep.  Only 11% do get enough sleep.  Ultimately the email was about a website that sells sleep aid stuff ranging from cds to sleep masks to some weird-ass back thing.

Here are some tips I found around the internet:

1. Alcohol actually doesn’t make you sleep better.  I don’t think that counts getting so drunk you pass out.

2. Smokers beware.  Nicotine is a stimulant and you have withdrawals as you sleep.  Yet another reason to quit.

3. Keep the noise level down.  It’s hard to control noise levels in a dorm setting so it might be good to invest in a mask or sound machine….. My fav is tropical rainforest: KA-KAW!

4.  Don’t do your homework in bed.  You may start associating your bed with work which is some psychological thing…..  I’m not a psych major so I can’t explain it.

5. Here is a list of things that help you sleep from

  • Glass of warm milk and half a turkey or peanut butter sandwich
  • Whole-grain, low-sugar cereal or granola with low-fat milk or yogurt 
  • A banana and a cup of hot chamomile tea