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Skittles New Approach?

Let the fans create the homepage. That’s what it looks like to me.  Skittles, my favorite candy, has ditched the traditional website and gone with what looks like a rip-off of Modernista!’s approach to their website.  Check out Modernista! before you check out Skittles.  What do you think? I like the idea: it puts Skittles’ fans in charge of the content to a certain degree… But it’s definitely a risk.  In Modernista!’s case, a headline about the agency’s recent round of lay offs appeared in their “n3wz” section courtesy of Google News.

Its definitely innovative, risky and it embraces the thought of fans creating content.



Scary-Ass Skittles Commercial

This commercial is kind of old, but my friends and I were talking about it.  I said I want to blog about (got some eyerolls, cause I’m that guy).

To my shock and horror, there is a part of the skittles commercial I’ve never seen before……. Turns out Tim, the man with the Skittles Midas Touch, has committed manslaughter….  I wonder if Tim met Dionysus like Midas did OR if he is the outcome of some Skittles experiment gone awry OR maybe this is what happens when you touch the rainbow.