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Do you UStream?

I’ve never been much of a fan of video.  I’m more of a print and blog kind of guy.  But for those of you who love to vlog, I was recently introduced to UStream.  It’s a video blogging site that allows you to stream live from where ever you have a cam.  

One of the only reasons I would ever do a video of myself would be for one of those fancy video resumes, but for now I think the regular old MS doc will suffice.  Here are some other uses that I may never use, but you or your friends might find useful:

  • Class projects (how many times have you been to class and the room wasn’t set up for video?)
  • Internships (think video resume again)
  • Video blogging (I hate the term “vlogging,” it’s not easy for this speech therapy graduate to say)
  • Clients
  • Vodcasting (like podcasting, but with video)
  • To be super creepy (I know some of you out there are gross, insane pervies.  It’s statistics)

You could then post whatever video you created on Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, or PROpenmic (i think).  Maybe even in the comments or at the very least a link to your UStream.  If you’re interested in video, check it out.