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Impatience is a Virtue

Waiting has never been a forte of mine.  I was so impatient with high school I tried to skip my senior year and start my freshman year of college….  Thankfully it didn’t work.

Everyone is always downing impatience, but it really gave me my start in public relations.  It was because I was impatient about getting my hands dirty…. well the key board anyway….. that I now have three years of pr experience under my belt.  
My impatience started my career when I joined the UAB Entertainment Committee as Publicity Co-Chair.  I wrote press releases, handled a budget, pitched media, dealt with printers and all the other things pr people do.  The work was a little unpolished, but I was doing it.
Then I met my mentor, Kelly Marshall, when I sent her an email about being her intern at Workplay and all the other fun projects she worked on.  It was my impatience with the limits of working with a school organization that lead me to reach out.  From there I met my first freelance client and then started working on my second client with MUSE OF FIRE: Shakespeare at Sloss.  
Now I’m impatiently waiting for graduation….  When will you get here?